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Privacy Policy
Last updated: September 11, 2022
The purpose of this website is to provide visitors with useful information and allow them
the opportunity to request additional information regarding moving/relocation needs and
more home services. Our visitors have the right to be aware of any information collected
and used, and under what circumstances, if any, information is disclosed.


FAST AND EFFICIENT SERVICES does sell and share information collected about you
or the services you are requesting. Any information collected, regarding you or the
services requested, could be sold to other service providers, be used to provide
information or perform the services requested. We thoroughly vet any third-party
services we utilize to ensure they will treat your information with the respect you


Registration is not required to enter our site.
We respect each website visitor's right to personal privacy. To that end, we collect and
use information throughout our website only as disclosed in this privacy policy. This
statement applies solely to information collected on this website.
For each visitor to our website, the web server automatically recognizes the visitor's
domain name only; it does not recognize email addresses and does not uniquely
identify the individual or other identifiable details. The information we collect is used for
internal review and to improve or enhance our website’s content. Under circumstances
such as, selling data to other service providers your data is shared with third-party
organizations for commercial purposes.
Individuals may choose to submit either estimate request forms or customer service
inquiry forms. During completion of these forms, users must include certain contact
information. This information is sometimes sold or shared with third-party organizations.
It is gathered only for the purposes of contacting visitors regarding services for which
interest has been expressed. The information individuals submit will be shared with the
franchise location that the individual chooses from our list of franchise locations.We do not have an order form. We have appropriate security measures in place in our
physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of information
collected from our website.
From time to time, we engage our visitors through online surveys. On these occasions,
we do sell or share our subscribers’ email addresses.


We reserve the right to revise our privacy policy at any time without advance notice. Any
change to this policy will be posted on this site and the new policy will apply only to
information collected following the posting of the new policy.


We provide visitors to our website with the ability to enter their move details and
personal information to initiate a quote for our services. We store this information, both
in your browser while you complete the form and in our internal systems after
submission, and use it to estimate and provide services. The information stored in your
browser is stored for the purpose of improving your experience while interacting with our
web form by having the ability to recall specific information when choosing to go back
and edit information before submitting. By entering your information, you are willingly
sharing personal information with us to be used as referenced in the General Privacy
and Data Responsibility section of this policy. Once the form is completed and
submitted, all information stored in your browser is automatically cleared. Your local
storage can also be cleared at any time through your browser settings.


FAST AND EFFICIENT SERVICES processes and stores personal data within the
online chat feature for the purpose of providing support via chat. You have the right to
request your personal information collected be deleted, and you may obtain a copy of
any personal data stored in the chat database by contacting us via the steps outlined in
the DELETING YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION section of this policy.


By providing your contact and other information to FAST AND EFFICIENT SERVICES
or through this Site, you have given your express consent for FAST AND EFFICIENT
SERVICES and its franchisees to use your personal information as outlined in this
Privacy Notice. To the extent that applicable law requires express consent, express
written consent, or “opt-in” for the collection and use of certain types of personal

information, FAST AND EFFICIENT SERVICES will maintain processes and procedures
to ensure such information is collected with express consent. Each communication that
potential customers receive from FAST AND EFFICIENT SERVICES will give
instructions on opting out or unsubscribing from future email communications.


The security of your information is very important to FAST AND EFFICIENT SERVICES.
FAST AND EFFICIENT SERVICES uses appropriate administrative, technical,
personnel, and physical safeguards to protect the security of your personal information.
FAST AND EFFICIENT SERVICES also makes all attempts to ensure only necessary
people and third parties have access to personal information in order to safeguard your
personal information against loss, theft, and unauthorized use or modification. FAST
AND EFFICIENT SERVICES uses some of the most advanced Internet security
technology available today to protect your information. FAST AND EFFICIENT
SERVICES practices industry standards and frameworks for securing data systems and
the data that is stored.


If you choose to opt-in to our tracking policy displayed on every page of our website, we
will utilize cookies to enhance the user experience while on our site. This includes the
use of location selection cookies to eliminate the requirement of subsequent selection
when returning or viewing apps or other pages of the website. Remarketing/retargeting
cookies are also utilized to display advertisements on other third-party websites based
on visits. All remarketing/retargeting tracking abides by guidelines outlined with that
specific ad provider network. A session value is assigned while visiting a webpage to
remember events or actions you have completed while on the site. This value is
updated upon any subsequent visits. IP addresses tracked through Google Analytics
are anonymized, per Google guidelines.
Cookies strictly necessary for site functionality are those utilized to track a user’s opt-in
status for the purpose of recording consent, selected location information from the last
visited page to keep your desired location set and the user’s browser language to keep
your preferred or selected content language in place across the website.
If you opted into our tracking policy, but still wish to clear remarketing/retargeting pixels,
these may be removed by following the instructions for cookie deletion for your specific
web browser.


Personal Identifiable Information (PII) that is stored can be deleted or obtained per
request by sending an email to and providing your name,
address and phone number; or calling us at 412-223-7096. The request will be fulfilled
within 30 days after any transactions pending with FAST AND EFFICIENT SERVICES
have ended, including outstanding damage claims, pending moves, and/or outstanding
payment. The request will include removal of personal information including Name,
Email Address, and Phone Number from all internal systems.


Call tracking is utilized to display dynamic phone numbers across our website. These
help to identify the source that helped you find our website. Calls may be recorded for
training purposes and any personal identifiable information is redacted within the
recorded call file when possible. The information you provide on the call could be sold to
a third- party and the call will be stored with our third-party vendor.


FAST AND EFFICIENT SERVICES is not responsible for the privacy practices or
content of any external websites to which it links to from this site. These other websites
may collect their own cookies and data from users or solicit personally identifiable
information that is beyond our control. You should consult each website’s privacy policy
or contact the website administrators directly if you have any questions about use of the
information they may be collecting.


We reserve the right to revise our privacy policy at any time without advance notice. Any
change to this policy will be posted on this site and the new policy will apply only to
information collected following the posting of the new policy.


We are committed to resolving disputes within five (5) business days. If problems arise,
visitors may contact us by mail, email, telephone or fax.


Address: 2617 josephine street

City: Pittsburgh
State/Province: PA
ZIP: 15203
Country: USA
Phone: 412-223-7096
Website URL:

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