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Keep Up with Luxurious Real Estate in Pittsburgh

The real estate market in Pittsburgh is vibrant with a range of offerings. Two properties, 134 South Dr and 341 Fairview Rd, have caught my eye with their high asking prices.

134 South Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15238 is a beautiful home with fine brick and cobblestone exteriors, pool However, there are no pictures available of the inside which makes it hard to justify the high price tag at $8.2 Million dollars.

Luxurious back yard with Pool, Lounge area, and Yard space

Birds eye view of the property at 134 South Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15238

341 Fairview Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15238 is a majestic European Country Estate, designed by a noted architect and built by an award-winning local builder. Yet, when compared to other luxury homes in the area, even this price seems high but sold for $6,350,175 on April 6th, 2023.

Picture of the property at 341 Fairview Rd

Reviewing other properties in the area showcases lower pricing for similar or even better features. This pricing disparity raises questions about the asking prices of 134 South Dr and 341 Fairview Rd, making one ponder if they are priced realistically.

A personal tour of these homes might provide a better understanding of their value. However, as it stands, the asking prices for these properties seem to be at odds with the broader market in Pittsburgh.



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